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About Us


Chapter One
A Dream and the Courage to Pursue: Frida Emalange has always loved doing her own hair, and wherever she went, people noticed the artful nature of her hairstyling and always asked her where they could get their hair done. Her braids and extensions were particularly stunning and eye-catching. This passion for style and beauty then lead to a career, with Frida dedicating herself to the highest standards of beauty, attending beauty/esthetics schools.  While living in Bellingham, WA in 2001, Frida recognized an untapped market not being addressed by other salons in the area: a salon that would cater to clients with all types of hair. With $3,500, Frida bought her first salon, a tiny shop located on King Street. Frida names the salon "ZORA'S Braids and More," in honor of her baby daughter, Zora – the girl who gave her the motivation to pursue her true passion in life.
Chapter Two
The Road to Success: Frida began to build a customer base and within a year she is ready to expand to a larger space. ZORA'S Braids and More opened in a location at the historic Mount Baker Apartment building. This location offered a number of benefits and it allowed Frida to expand her salon services to include spa treatments and massage.  By the end of 2004, however, the salon had already begun to outgrow its space.  Finally, after months of searching, Frida found the location she had been looking for: ironically, it was just walking distance from her shop at the Mount Baker Apartment Building. 
Chapter Three
ZORA'S Styling Salon and Spa: The new building was in rough shape, but Frida could see the potential.   In December of 2004, renovations began on the space that would become ZORA'S Styling Salon and Spa. This new building was over 1800 sq ft with five styling stations, a facial room, massage room, spa pedicure and spa manicure room... Business continued smoothly for years, and Frida recognized the importance of providing high-end services to the Bellingham beauty environment. She was traveling back and forth from Bellevue, Seattle finding inspiration from both places. With the shift in economy came changes for the business. Frida realized that if she wanted to achieve all her dreams, she would have to relocate back to her King Street location, downsizing so as to move forward. With key stylists moving from Bellingham, Frida depended on herself to make all of Bellingham’s beauty dreams come true. Looking back, she says this was all worth it, because the change paved the way to the new Bellingham and Bellevue locations opening in January, 2012.
Chapter Four
Zorganics Beauty Salon and Spa Expands: Frida’s dream salons are open for business starting in January, 2012. With two salons in Bellingham and one in Bellevue, Frida’s beauty philosophy strives to revolutionize skin, hair, and body care in Western Washington. With a more spacious, luxurious ambience, the new salons open the door to a powerful new chapter of the Zorganics line and for our talented beauty artists. We offer a full menu of services for women, men, and children. The atmosphere is warm and elegant. In Bellingham, the new location is on Meridian, conveniently close to Bellis Fair Mall. The 2,000 sq ft building provides the comfortable setting you need for all your relaxation needs. The Bellevue Salon, located on 111th St, offers 2,400 sq ft of luxury, pampering you and leaving you refreshed. ZORGANICS is a one-stop beauty salon and spa. You will feel welcome as you walk through our door. Different from other salons and spas, Zorganics Salon is a pleasant haven. You can leave all your worries at home, and simply focus on your needs. Frida offers fabulous locations for luxury services, and also for professional opportunity. Talented, intelligent, and respectful professionals will find rewarding employment opportunities with Zorganics, and customers will enjoy the classy, refreshing atmosphere.
Frida has developed an all-natural line of products called ZORGANICS, the namesake of the new salons. The focus of these organically grown and manufactured products is to provide the best care for your skin and hair and noticeable results will flatter your unique look. Frida’s attitude toward beauty is to give what she herself believes in; she loves sharing the products she knows will work the very best for you.
…to be continued

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