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Quality Services for Dashing Results


Zora's Styling Salon and Spa

We invite you to escape with us; put aside your cares, worries, and stress and focus on your beauty and health. Our expertly trained Designers, Artists, and Therapists are passionate about nourishing knowledgeable and personalized relationships with our clients built on the embellishment of your natural beauty, the enrichment of your unique style, the restoration of your life force, and the elevation of your well-being. We look forward to caring for a uniquely personal experience that exceeds your expectations and helps you to live life elegantly and comfortably.

Hair Services

At Zora's Salon & Spa, we truly listen to your concerns and desires, understanding your features and lifestyle, in order to create a customized look that complements your face, accentuates your features and echoes your individuality and style.

What sets Zorganics Beauty Salon & Spa apart is an unparalleled level of skill, creativity, and customer service. Each Artist works with you to design the perfect, customized style to reflect your natural beauty and enhance your best features using unparalleled international techniques.

Couture Cuts

Zora's has been synonymous with outstanding hair design since 1991. Our signature method of haircutting was derived from a French technique and was perfected in our hair salons to give you a beautiful look. Our talented Designers are consistently recognized as international leaders in the beauty salon industry. Whatever your personal style, we guarantee you an exceptional salon experience. We also offer complimentary bang trims between haircut appointments to keep you looking your best.

Perfect Blow-Dry

Indulge in a treatment-based Nature shampoo and expert styling with us. Our Artists skillfully perfect your look with finishing techniques and products you can only experience at Zorganics. Can be added to any appointment.  Refreshing, every time.

Restorative Zorganics Salon Conditioning Treatments

Personalized Zorganics treatment restores and enhances your hair’s health and natural luminosity. Our in-salon, professional-grade conditioning service is congruent with your hair’s unique needs and administered by our certified professionals. You will experience immediate results—hair is healthier, polished, softer, more voluptuous, and fully moisturized. Add to any Hair Service. If you wish, we are happy to recommend the most effective home-care treatment with Zorganics products to extend your results for long-term beauty.

Hair Extensions, Braids, and More

 Initial consultation is needed in order to truly customize and perfect your results.

Interlocking Braids

Interlocking is a natural method for adding human or synthetic hair. Extensions are interlocked with cornrows to produce added volume or style. Will last’s up to 3-6 weeks.


Allow artificial or natural hair to be anchored onto, or braided into, the client's natural hair (which acts as an anchor). Using needle and thread to attach the extensions, this is a natural method to add volume or length lasting 4-8 weeks.

High-Tech Bonding

This system is proven, extensively tested and perfected over the last fifteen years and is one of the most reliable hair extension systems available for added hair strength, volume, body or length. This system uses a thermal molding adhesive (TMA) with the most advanced application process. This means you will get a long-lasting, non-damaging, comfortable attachment process. We offer the highest quality, most natural, realistic choice of colors and textures that can be blended to match your hair perfectly. We will recommend the most appropriate products to use on your hair. Will last’s 3-4 months.

Seamless Hair Extensions

If you wanted added strength, length, body or volume, the Seamless Extension System uses special adhesive tape to secure the hair to your head using a track of hair. This means you will get a long lasting, non-damaging and comfortable attachment process. Seamless Hair offers a natural, realistic choice of colors and textures that can be blended to perfectly match your own hair. Will last’s 3-4 weeks.

Hair Replacement

For both men and women- please call for a consultation. With Trans dermal Hair Restoration (THR), we can provide an unparalleled cosmetic duplication of actual growing hair. It is a non-surgical treatment known as "virtual skin graft technology," which forms a new, virtual layer of skin. This technique employs the use of a gas permeable layer of polymers, which allows normal functioning of the scalp, while greatly minimizing the amount of special care by the client.


Side by side rows of braids that lay flat on your scalp. Cornrows are worn both by men and women and can be done in unique creative styles. They can also be combined with other styles. They can be created with the client's own natural hair or extensions can be added. May take a ½ hr to 1 ½ hrs to create. They may last from 1 to 6 weeks.


This stylish look is created by coiling and or matting the hair to create a tubular look. May take 1-6 hrs to complete and are permanent after 3 months of wear.

Single Braids

Are free flowing versatile braids that hang from your hair root to the end of your hair. If your hair is too short and or thin, extensions can be added to create length and body. Most average styles take 3-8 hrs to create. They last 2-4 months.


Hair Color

Renovate your look with flair or create a delicate change at the hands of our expert Colorists who masterfully apply nutrient-rich color. Zora's Colorists design a customized shade based on your style, personality, eye color, skin tone, and the way you desire to appear. Our salon-exclusive Zorganics Professional products offer dimensional color with incomparable shine and fantastic retention.  When it comes to beautiful hair coloring, consider this: the elite team of Zora's Colorists is renowned for their expertise. They undergo a lengthy training program with intensive mentoring, and are certified in the use of Zorganics color treatment products.


Add richness to natural hair color or vitality to color-treated hair. This beneficial, moisture-rich treatment can boost the shine and longevity of hair color between appointments. Extend the life of your hair coloring.

Bleach & Tone

Be bold and beautifully blonde in the glamorous style of such Hollywood icons as Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. If you like, we can add butter tones to soften your look, or platinum ice throughout with an all-over lightening process. We recommend bleach and tone touch-ups to your hair every 3 weeks. We design the perfect blonde shade for your style and skin tone—from sweet honey to fierce platinum. Our specialists carefully lift color from virgin or previously colored hair and produce a new, all-over shade for your hair that is lustrous and stunningly conditioned.

Corrective Color

Hair color emergency? Never fear; our qualified colorists restore your hair’s optimum color with skill and meticulousness. Our highly trained Colorists can get virtually any chemically-altered hair color back on the right track. A complimentary hair consultation is required prior to your initial corrective color service. Following your consultation, multiple visits may be necessary to promote the right repair and overall health of your hair.




Our foiling technique highlights your hair and our artistry, enabling us to use a full assortment of harmonizing shades for contrast, texture, and dimension to create everything from dramatically chunky effects to refined, natural-looking color. Lighten and brighten your hairstyle with sun-kissed highlights, or add depth and texture with strategically placed low lights. This proven process places color exactly where you want it.


The beauty of balayage is exposed in the creative placement of highlights painted on with professional brushstrokes, customized to your face shape and desired look. It creates dynamic complexity; complementing the way your hair moves and the graceful way it continues to grow. Zorganics was one of the first hair salons in the Northwest to introduce this revolutionary technique involving the creative placement of highlights. Balayage complements the movement of your hairstyle, adding more natural depth and making new-growth less obvious.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Liberate yourself from disorderly curl and frizz with our Keratin smoothing treatment. It eliminates up to 95% frizz and curl, and softens even the kinkiest, course hair. Your styling time will be drastically reduced, and your hair will be silky and shiny! Gentle for all hair types including color treated and chemically processed hair, results will last between 3-6 months.

Chemical Treatments

Thermal Straightening

This revolutionary re-texturizing treatment produces extraordinary results: straight, shiny and remarkable—the hair you wish you were born with.

Transformation System, this state of the art Ceramic Technology along with Silk Protein and Amino Acids combined with the Zorganics system to provide strength and moisture while providing proper balance to the hair. Ultimately the result is soft, smooth, shiny and silky hair. Now you can permanently transform your hair from frizzy, curly, wavy, or even coarse straight hair into silky, beautiful, controlled, straighter hair without the use of any harsh chemicals or ammonia.

The Zorganics system utilizing four key elements to transform the hair: ceramic heat, negative ions, pure natural silk, and cationic hydration interlink. For the hair you thought you could only dream of, call today to schedule your consultation.

Zorganics Straightening Transformer

Now you can permanently transform your hair from frizzy, curly, wavy, or even coarse hair into silky, beautiful, controlled, straighter hair without the use of any harsh chemicals or ammonia.

For the hair you thought you could only dream of, call today to schedule your consultation.


Wave Nouveau and Spiral Perms are available to permanently smooth and control any type of coarse hair. If you feel challenged by the texture of your hair and want easy manageability and predictability, one of these perm services could be for you.


Loosen tight curls and add dimension. Perfect for both men and women who would like a slightly softer texture to their look.

Sodium Relaxer

Does your hairstyle feel unruly? Our Sodium Relaxer permanently straightens tightly coiled or curly hair, making it dramatically softer and more manageable. We recommend sodium relaxer touch-up treatments every 4 to 6 weeks. A consultation is required prior to your initial service.

Thio Relaxer

Do you have very fine or colored hair that you'd like to straighten? Our Thio Relaxer offers a gentler way to loosen and 'de-puff' tight waves or curls. We recommend touch-up treatments every 3 to 5 months for maximum results. A consultation is required prior to your initial hair straightening service.

Men’s Services

Be the most handsome, sharp, confident man you can be. Zora's focuses on designing the perfect cut to complement a man's strongest, most striking features.

Designer Haircut

Sit back and relax while we design a look that reflects your personal style and works best for your hair type.

Camouflage Hair Color

This color treatment is perfect for men who may have patches of different hair colors, or who simply want a softer, more put-together appearance. Add texture and dimension to your hair. We offer hair color so complementary to your face your overall look will be noticeably handsome. You’ll feel years younger. The effect lasts for about a month


Men’s Signature Manicure

Your grip, your swing, your handshake—they’re all signs of your personality. Feel assured that you always put your best hand forward with our professional manicure. Indulge in a warm paraffin dip, a hand and forearm massage, exfoliating scrub, cuticle maintenance, and nail shaping.

Men’s Signature Pedicure

Your feet never seem to get a break – give them the vacation they deserve. Our expert pedicure includes an exfoliating foot and leg scrub, a warm paraffin treatment, followed by a soothing massage, and complete toenail care.

Men's Cleanse & Gentle Man's Facial

Ease irritation from shaving and keep your smooth, healthy, and youthful. This customized facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage, and a face and eye moisturizer to hydrate and revitalize your face.

Express Facial

This basic facial is the perfect starting point for your journey towards your best skin ever. This facial is designed to help sustain the skin’s natural water balance, restore skin elasticity, radiance and healthy glow.

High Performance Acne Facial

A targeted facial to help troubled skin. Our expert Skin Care Therapist conducts a skin assessment and consultation followed by a deep pore cleansing personalized to the shape your skin is in. We use our state-of-the-art acne-fighting solutions to achieve the healthy results you desire. Anti-bacterial products are used to help clear skin and relieve it from acne and clogged pores. The treatment begins with a deep cleansing followed by toner, then experience effectively medicated skin peel that gently sloughs away dull tired skin cells, and while you relax, a special professional masque is applied. Your skin will be left visibly cleaner and less inflamed.

Glycolic Resurfacing Treatment

Our proprietary Glycolic Acid Peel produces visible results in a single visit. This treatment exfoliates dead, impaired skin to reduce fine lines, clear breakouts, and animate your complexion–for a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Zorganics Signature Tune-Up Facial for Men

Our gentle, signature facial exfoliates your skin and smoothes your pores. A conditioning mask moisturizes, while a full face and neck massage helps your circulation and provides serious relaxation. This special indulgence leaves your spirit completely refreshed and your complexion noticeably improved. Stones are used on pressure points to provide supreme relaxation and facial comfort.

Zora's Tune-Up Plus Polish for Men

All the features of the Tune Up include an exfoliation with Micro Dermabrasion with anti-aging hydration & benefits.


A variety of waxing services are available to men, including facial, back, chest, and other waxing services. Remove all annoying, unsightly body hair and be prepared to impress!

Men’s Deep Tissue Sports Therapy treatment

Indulge in a 1 hour Deep Sense or Sports Treatment to soothe the aching muscles after a workout or game. Add a Spa Pedicure to complete the overall feeling of well-being. Heal your body so you can be in your very best condition for the next workout, game, or event. Nothing relieves your aches and pains like our signature deep tissue massage.

Women’s Facials

Zorganics Signature Revitalizing Facial

Our gentle, signature facial exfoliates your skin and smoothes your pores. A conditioning mask moisturizes, while a full face and neck massage helps your circulation and provides serious relaxation. This special indulgence leaves your spirit completely refreshed and your complexion noticeably improved. Stones are used on pressure points to provide supreme relaxation and facial comfort. If you spend a great deal of time enjoying the outdoors, you may worry about the effects of the environmental damage on your skin.  This relaxing, therapeutic facial focuses on renewal and rejuvenation to return skin to its natural healthy glow. We understand that every client has different skin type. We will gladly adjust Zorganics signature facial to fit all your personal needs.

Customized European Facial

Our Zorganics products provide the perfect mixture of fine organic, botanical ingredients. The result is noticeably smoother skin and a renewed complexion perfect for all skin types.

Perfectly Hydrating Facial

An enchanting and relaxing facial designed for dry skin to help maintain natural water balance. Skin softness is restored and a more youthful appearance is immediately visible. A thirst-quenching mask and silky serums pamper and embrace your skin. You will be swept away with an elite soothing and relaxing facial, neck and décolleté proprietary massage.

Zorganics Facial for Sensitive Skin

We produced this facial technique using Bio Dynamic philosophy, which means “life energy.” This gentle, yet effective process uses natural remedies such as soothing oils and anti-inflammatory elements to reduce tenderness, even skin tone, and stimulate a youthful and healthy complexion. This is ideal for customers with rosacea, sensitive, troubled or volatile skin with an eye treatment for dark circles or puffiness.

Extremist Facial with Peel

This multi-action facial delivers vitamin-rich nutrients and antioxidants where active cell creation transpires. Healthy, glowing skin is the outcome.

Gentle Microdermabrasion

Exfoliates and resurfaces to help erase the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and acne scars. Reduces pore size and helps stimulate cell turn over. It eliminates and protect against problems causing bacteria that can cause acne and other skin problems. This treatment resurfaces your skin with natural diamond tip that is lightly pushed over the surface, to expose a softer, shinier, improved complexion. A treatment serum and collagen-infused mask complement this service. Our certified Skin Care Therapists work with the highest hygiene standards to guarantee care and results.

Fountain of Youth Facial

Three anti-aging treatments are combined into one unbelievable skin experience. This facial uses vitamin-C to penetrate the cellular matrix to defend against free radicals, while preventing and helping reverse signs of aging as well as enhancing collagen formation.

Glycolic Resurfacing Treatment

Our proprietary Glycolic Acid Peel produces visible results in a single visit. This treatment exfoliates dead, impaired skin to reduce fine lines, clear breakouts, and animate your complexion–for a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Lactic Facial Peel

Lactic acid is derived from milk. It's often used, for light to medium-intensity skin peels. It's gentle enough to make a great maintenance peel for those who wish to extend the results of a deeper peel. It can help young users avoid the onset of age spots, sagging skin, fine lines, and wrinkles. Women who wish to continue their normal skin care routine during pregnancy can use lactic acid peels. Because lactic acid is so gentle, it's one of the best chemical peel choices for sensitive and dark skin as well.

Vitamin-C Facial Peel

With the power of vitamin-C, this peel resurfaces and rejuvenates sun-damaged, hyper pigmented and aging skin. It smooth and resurfaces rough-textured skin, helps minimize the look of fine lines, and helps brighten and even your skin tone.

Freedom from Blackheads

Control your breakouts before they begin! This refining treatment gently clears and inhibits future breakouts using an accelerator exfoliate that helps eliminate blackheads and troublesome impurities.

Brighten Up

Thwart uneven pigmentation and revitalize your skin with this exfoliation service that will resurface, smooth and relieve your complexion.

Flash Resurfacing Peel

Revitalize and brighten your skin with our glycolic peel to speed up cell rejuvenation, help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve firmness.

Anti-Puffiness or Dark Circle Eye Treatment

A three-step eye treatment that consists of: exfoliation, masque, and use of eye cream or eye gel, customized to the condition of your skin. May be added to any of our facial treatments.

Teen Fresh Start

This is an ideal first-time facial experience. Experts focus on skin care essentials and upkeep and teach you how to properly cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize to keep skin clean and clear all day long.

Lash Extensions

Bring out your inner bombshell with long, luxurious lashes that say, “Look at me.” Lashes are bonded to the natural lash on a lash-by-lash basis to gorgeously augment the length, fullness and color of your lashes for a stunning, red carpet look.
Available in the several varieties customized to your look. Ask your stylist for a consultation to determine your best style.

Body Wraps

Healing Aloe Body Wrap

Aloe Vera’s healing and nutritive properties are particularly soothing after exposure to the sun, wind, or other environmental harm. This wrap heals, hydrates, and prevents some unpleasant effects of skin damage.

Ayurveda Balancing and Hydrating Body Wraps

For uneven skin, finding harmony, comfort, and confidence can be difficult. This treatment will make you feel at peace with your body for an ultimate sense of well-being. The result is even, smoother skin. Help create balance in your life. An Ayurvedic treatment uses the potent regenerative and curative properties of plants, herbs, roots, and minerals to restore equilibrium to your body energies.

Ayurveda is based on the principle that health and beauty are maintained by the balance of three subtle energies in your body. These energies, known as doshas, are Vata, Pitta, and Kafa. Skin is the barometer of an individual's health, and the clue to your Ayurvedic constitution. When your doshas are out of balance, the indications show in your skin.

Our spa professional will begin this wonderful treatment by preforming a simple skin analysis and slecting the proper body mask - Vata, Pitta, or Kafa - to rebalance your life energies. After the mask is applied to your body, you are wrapped in warmth and allowed to rest. A refreshing cool-down period follows the mask's removal. The treatment finishes with a light, moisturizing massage using pure essential oils customized for your dosha. You'll emerge feeling balanced and energized.

Zorganicsbody fat reduction

Cotton linens are soaked in a toxin cleansing and penetrating aloe-herb solution. The client lounges comfortably in the warm botanical extracts for 45 minutes. The solution of highly active concentrates tones and tightens surface skin and boosts cellular activity in deeper layers to restore elasticity and firmness to the tissues. Natural aromas benefit the body through molecular osmosis to produce positive therapeutic effects. Most clients sleep while the wrapping encourages elimination of toxins through lymphatic cleansing.

Heat activates the trace elements resulting in healthy revitalized skin. Each treatment cleanses toxins from the fat cells, resulting in size loss wherever the fat is. No chemicals or dehydrating salts or clays are in this solution. The treatment is safe for anyone. No compression is used during application and the client does not perspire.

After the treatment no bath is needed. The skin is soft and clean and the client is refreshed and inches smaller. Many times (an inch off the waist, an inch off the stomach, half-inch off the thighs) this loss is substantial.

Drinking 3-4 liters of water during the 24 hours after the treatment will flush the toxins from the lymph system to assure that the lost size will stay off.


 NaEtae Body Scrubs

Organic Herbal Body Scrub

Your skin will be exfoliated and hydrated with decadent skin renewing, organic, herbal products that have natural detoxifying properties. This scrub will leave your skin feeling smooth and healthy.



Our Estheticians are specially trained in the precise art of waxing. You will love the convenience of our prompt service; simple waxing procedures are done efficiently, yet carefully, so you can get back to your day. We aim for excellent, beautiful results while minimizing, if not totally eliminating, the discomfort some may associate with waxing.  For the best waxing experience, we recommend that the hair being waxed be approximately 1/8 inch (or 3-4 weeks growth) in length. Waxing appointments should ideally be scheduled for 3-5 days before a special occasion or vacation. In addition, we strongly recommend that you wait at least 24 hours after a waxing procedure before sunbathing, tanning or swimming. Please note that our waxing services should not be used by clients being treated with Retin-A or antibiotics (prescription medications which increase skin sensitivity).

Facial & Body Waxing

Your skin will be smoother than a dream. We offer a wide range of waxing services tailored to your needs, including facial, upper body, legs, arms, and bikini areas.

Define the Brow

Your eyes absolutely shine with the proper eyebrow shaping techniques. Get the put-together, structured, symmetrical look you deserve. Offered as a stand-alone service or in combination with any facial treatment or body waxing.

Body Therapy Treatment

These relaxation techniques have been used to ease tension and pain for thousands of years. The art of massage brings an element of serenity into your life. Treat yourself to a deeply satisfying, customized experience. You will be so glad you did!

Calming Therapy Treatment

The most universally known form of relaxation, like Swedish massage works the muscles using a combination of effleurage pressured stroking friction, vibration, kneading and tapping to improve overall well-being.

Deep Sense Treatment

A combination of the calming  and pressure points, deep sense treatment works muscles at deeper levels to loosen muscle tissue and release muscular tension. This deep form of bodywork helps to release myofascial restrictions in the body. It relieves chronic tension, increases range of motion, improves posture and enhances self-awareness. This massage helps to restore flexibility to the fascia, normalizing the tissue and bringing greater health to the body's fascia structure.

Zorganics Refreshing Therapy

Our ‘house’ massage is a mix of relaxation, reflexology and therapeutic techniques that work to take you into a marvelous state of pure relaxation.

Zora's La Stone Therapy

Stones of all shapes and sizes varying in temperature are used in La Stone Massage therapy to elicit physical healing, mental relaxation and spiritual connection to the earth's energy. Warm stones encourage the exchange of blood and lymph and provide soothing heat for deep tissue work. Cold stones work to reduce inflammation. Stones are placed in a variety of positions on the body. They can be used for energy balancing or for specific trigger-point work. By alternating hot and cold stones, the therapy brings the entire body into a process of healing, using the rapid exchange of blood and oxygen and the alternating rise and fall of respiration to help the body see homeostasis.


This Treatment focuses on utilizing essential aromatic oils which activate emotional centers responsible or deep relaxation. Aromatherapy is beneficial for numerous respiratory and skin ailments as well as emotional stress. Take a sensual journey featuring natural, organic essential oils with a sensational customized aromatherapy massage. This satisfying treatment will address various signs associated with everyday stress while improving your current state of health. Aromatherapy involves a massage treatment using oil that has been blended with the essence of a plant. This massage is very oily, very fragrant. The essential oils play an important part in the therapeutic treatment by using the body's olfactory glands to generate the desired result. Aromatherapy massage can be helpful in relieving stress, fluid retention, sleeping disorders and anxiety. It is helpful for enhancing health and well-being (as well as physical appearance).

• Pure Breathing - Boost your immune system and clear your sinuses.
• True Relaxation – Destress your mind and body.
• Natural Rest – Relieves you from the effects of sleep disorders or interrupted sleep.
• Clear Mind – Dismisses annoying effects of stress and over analysis such as headaches or jaw-clenching.

Couples’ Balancing treatment

Enjoy  this Balancing treatment with a friend or romantic partner on side-by-side tables for an unforgettable, shared experience. This bliss cannot be missed!

The perfect synchronization hands which never leave your body will bring you to a whole new level of relaxation. Must experience to be believe!

Back, Neck, and Shoulders

Rid yourself from the tension in your back, shoulders, and neck. Light to hard pressure is used to reduce tension and muscle soreness.

Leg Ritual

Exploring the natural wonders of the west coast can be exhausting. This service concentrates solely on your legs to improve circulation and relaxation.

Scalp Treatment Therapy and Headache Relief

This massage incorporates a variety of massage techniques to eliminate tension and pain. It also includes a wonderful face massage

Zorganics Balancing Body Ritual

Experience harmony with our ultimate relaxation Treatment. This customized, Ayurvedically inspired indulgence releases harmful toxins, calms the nervous system, and hydrates the skin. You’ll feel deeply relaxed, and as the massage comes to a close, reawakened and refreshed.

Calming Body Ritual

The classic, soothing Treatment. Your whole body will thank you for this deluxe treatment, healing the abuse your body undergoes at work, during sports or exercise, and simply during the trials of life. Everyone’s body needs special attention; we’ll make sure the attention you get is the attention you need.

Ultimate Back & Neck BodyRitual

A focused deep-sense Therapy Treatment to relieve chronic tension in your back, neck and shoulders helping to melt away the effects of stress.

Mind Body Balance

For the ultimate holistic experience, enjoy a unique session that combines a personalized full-body Refreshing Therapy an efficient calming Treatment, reestablishing your sense of well-being and tranquility.

Reflexology Retreat

This ancient technique is based on the belief that the feet are a mini-map of the entire body. By massaging acupressure points in the feet, balance is restored, stimulating physical healing and well-being in all body systems.

Reiki Body treatment

Delicate healing hands are placed on precise energy centers to increase vivacity, relaxation and equilibrium of the body, mind, and spirit.

Reflexology Retreat

Pressure points on the feet trace a small map of the entire body. By massaging acupressure points in the feet, stability is restored, stimulating bodily recovery and well-being throughout.

Zorganics Body Polish

Inspired by the principles of Ayurvedic therapies from ancient India, warm essential oils are mixed with natural exfolients to smooth you entire body. You are then pampered with a lavish lotion that moisturizes and heals all types of skin. Not only will you smell and feel incredible; you will experience an attractive glow that follows you everywhere and brightens your mood.

Body perfecting  Ritual

Our most extravagant body service combines fundamentals from each of the Ayurvedic services, beginning with a relaxing ritual, followed by perfecting body Polish and a perfecting body masque. Your face will be gently cleansed and massaged while you relish a wholesome hair and scalp treatment. A moisturizing layer of organic perfecting oils and softening lotions provides a youthful, beautiful finish.

Manicures and Pedicures

Signature Manicure

Indulge in our most luxurious manicure. Bask in youth-exposing exfoliation and vitamin-rich moisturizers, followed by a warm, silky treatment and wonderful hand and forearm massage. Includes expert cuticle and nail shaping, as well as professional polish (color of your choice). Make a great impression with every move of your hands. Some specialty manicures, such as the French Manicure, may also be offered.

 UV Nail Services

 performs like a gel, but is applied like nail polish. Keep your nails beautifully shiny and eye-catching for weeks – you will be pleasantly surprised at how long your manicure lasts. You will receive a Base Coat, Color Coat, and Top Coat. Together with a UV Lamp, they comprise the breakthrough in resilient and high gloss color that dries immediately without smearing.

 Nail Services

Like any quality polish application, Zorganics Nail polish system features a Base Coat, Color Coat, and Top Coat. Together with a UV Lamp, they comprise the breakthrough in resilient and high gloss color that dries immediately without smearing. Polish  will typically last longer than your traditional manicure – think 2-3 weeks! (Requires a 10 minute removal)

Signature Pedicure

We pamper your tired, overused feet with products that truly moisturize your skin. Your feet will be exfoliated and then treated to a warm paraffin bath, followed by an initial reflexology massage. Your cuticles are expertly maintained and an expert clip, shape, and polish finish off the experience.

Signature Pedicure with Reflexology Retreat

Our Signature Pedicure is the finest you will ever experience. We lavish your feet with products that re-mineralize and moisturize your skin. Your feet will be treated to an exfoliation and warm paraffin bath, followed by a targeted foot massage that improves circulation, restores energy, and releases tension from head to toe. Your cuticles are expertly attended to and a premium clip, shape, and polish complete the experience.

Polish Change

Come in on your lunch break and make sure your nails (fingernails or toenails) stay beautiful! Includes a warm soak, exfoliating scrub, and moisturizing treatment. Our experts carefully clip, shape, and polish nails. Between pedicures or manicures, this service is the ultimate in gorgeous maintenance – don’t leave the house uncomfortable about your feet or hands again.

Relief for feet Pedicure

Tired of feeling ashamed of your feet? Are skin conditions negatively effecting your feet, and self-esteem? Beginning with a foot soak, we will take care of any callouses or rough skin troubling you. Toenails are expertly clipped, filed and shaped, followed by a personalized foot care treatment that will help to rejuvenate and repair your feet. Polish is optional.

Signature Hand and Foot Relief

Combine our world-class Signature Manicure and Pedicure – treat yourself to the very best.

Hand or Foot Treatment

Watch as this established replenishment treatment peels away the years to expose your softest, strongest skin. You can add this treatment to any hand, foot or nail service.

Makeup Services

We customize a look that reflects who you are and enhances your best features. At Zora's Styling and  Spa, we are so excited to bring you the latest technology in cosmetics. Our all natural Zorganics  Cosmetics are mineral-based, featuring all-natural pigments.

What this means for you:

  • Luxurious oil-free formulation contains sunscreen that gives protection from dangerous UV rays.

  • Provides velvety smooth, water-resistant coverage.

  • May be applied with a moistened sponge (included) or as a finishing powder when applied with a dry sponge or brush.

  • Packaged in a distinctive compact with mirror.

  • Created using Aloe Vera and other natural ingredients.

  • 16+ shades for a perfect match.

Signature Makeup Lesson

Experience an intensive, personalized sitting with one of our certified artists. Learn everything you need to know about Zorganics products, and the wonders they can do for you. Sample the latest products, receive a customized look, find out the best touch-up methods, and explore your options for all occasions. Your session includes a 30-minute follow-up session.

Everyday Makeup Application

Look like a star, every single day. You’ll love the way we complement your personal style to draw attention to all your best features.

Special Occasion Makeup Application

Make sure you’re the belle of the ball! Your gorgeous look will turn heads all day long.

Perfect Lash Enhancements

Long, lush, lovely lashes like a dream. Choose a flirty look with the placement of individual lashes or full dramatic coverage with full strip lashes.

Mineral Makeup Mini Lesson

Find out how to create a naturally beautiful new look with our Custom Blend Pure Mineral Makeup—feels feather light, promotes healing and provides natural sun protection. Your session includes a customized face chart to take home.

Brow Makeup Lesson

Learn how to perfect and finish your brows using the latest trends in brow cosmetics and tools.

The Flawless Brow

The Flawless Brow emphasizes and lifts the eye. Efficiently and gently, our waxing experts will design your brow, perfect its shape and then finish with a brow makeup tutorial.

Bridal Services

Relax while we take care of your hair and makeup for your big day. Be as beautiful as your fantasies. Your dream day starts here. 

Bridal Hair & Makeup

We will pair you with one of our talented Makeup Artists and Hair Designers. They will collaborate together with you on your fantasy look prior to your wedding, then recreate it for the wedding day.

Bridal Hair

Meet with one of our Designers to produce your picture-perfect style to complement your face, gown, wedding theme, and veil. Your Designer will then recreate your very best look on your wedding day.

Bridal Makeup

Meet in advance with one of our expert Makeup Artists to create your fantasy look. Your Makeup Artist will then recreate it on your wedding day.

Special Packages

Feel fabulous again and again. Ideal for your continued beauty routine.

Enjoy some of the benefits your beauty regimen offers by purchasing a series of 5 of your
favorite services and receive the 6th service for free.

  • Series of 6 Brow Waxes - $114 ($19 each)

  • Series of 6 Bikini Waxes - $174 ($29 each)

  • Series of 6 Extended Bikini Waxes - $270 ($45 each)

  • Series of 6 Brazilian Waxes - $360 ($60 each)

  • Series of 6 Restorative Glycolic Peels - $324 ($54 each)

  • Series of 6 Classic Pedicures - $270 ($45 each)

Men’s Mini-Escape

A man’s Mini-Escape Designed just for men to improve the skin’s texture and give the face, neck and hands a healthy vital radiance. Begin with a hand scrub blended with sea salt blends. Add a neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension. Proceed to cleanse and tone the face to help reduce black heads and ingrown hairs, tighten pores, and soothe redness and irritation. A Facial designed to reveal a complexion that is bright and youthful.

Soul Mate Special

Begin your romantic ritual with a side-by-side Zorganics peels with our revitalizing exfoliates rich in algae mineral salt and vitamins, renewing the skin and providing a unique touch of smoothness and suppleness. Then experience a new level of relaxation with the essence of a Mediterranean, candle-lit massage. This candle when heated is transformed into a warm fragranced massage oil with nourishing and hydrating properties.  The organic components of lavender, mandarin, salt and palm wax work wonders both aromatically and medicinally.

Mini Package

Mini facial, memo massage and pedicure.

Queen Package

Customized facial, body wrap, and pedicure.

Royal Treatment

Body scrub, wrap, massage, and facial.

We offer unparalleled services for all of your beauty needs. Contact us today to see the many other ways we can pamper you.

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