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Zora's styling salon and spa is the premier Styling Salon in the Bellingham area, offering you a wide range of styling services and products to give you the look you want. With an extensive selection, we’ve got you covered for whatever you need. If there’s a wedding, party or event in your future — or if you’re simply ready to get pampered —Our services are Haircut. Hair Extension. Eye Lash Extensions. Hair Color, Waxing, facials, Anti- aging facials, Ultrasound Facial Lift, Body contouring, shaping, RF micro needling, Hydro facials, Oxygen facials, give us a call today! (360) 746-9609

Natural Beauty


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Bellingham Salon and Spa Specializing in Hair Extension. Hair replacement. Hair cut. Hair color. 
Facials, Ultrasound Face Lift, Body contouring, RF  micro needling, Ipl...


Hair Color

Renovate your look with flair or create a delicate change at the hands of our expert Colorists who masterfully apply nutrient-rich color. Zorganics Colorists design a customized shade based on your style, personality, eye color, skin tone, and the way you desire to appear. Our salon-exclusive Zorganics Professional products offer dimensional color with incomparable shine and fantastic retention.  When it comes to beautiful hair coloring, consider this: the elite team of Zorganics Colorists is renowned for their expertise. They undergo a lengthy training program with intensive mentoring, and are certified in the use of Zorganics color treatment products.


Add richness to natural hair color or vitality to color-treated hair. This beneficial, moisture-rich treatment can boost the shine and longevity of hair color between appointments. Extend the life of your hair coloring. 

Bleach & Tone 

Be bold and beautifully blonde in the glamorous style of such Hollywood icons as Marilyn Monroe and Madonna. If you like, we can add butter tones to soften your look, or platinum ice throughout with an all-over lightening process. We recommend bleach and tone touch-ups to your hair every 3 weeks. We design the perfect blonde shade for your style and skin tone—from sweet honey to fierce platinum. Our specialists carefully lift color from virgin or previously colored hair and produce a new, all-over shade for your hair that is lustrous and stunningly conditioned.

Corrective Color 

Hair color emergency? Never fear; our qualified colorists restore your hair’s optimum color with skill and meticulousness. Our highly trained Colorists can get virtually any chemically-altered hair color back on the right track. A complimentary hair consultation is required prior to your initial corrective color service. Following your consultation, multiple visits may be necessary to promote the right repair and overall health of your hair.

Foiling /Highlighting

Our foiling technique highlights your hair and our artistry, enabling us to use a full assortment of harmonizing shades for contrast, texture, and dimension to create everything from dramatically chunky effects to refined, natural-looking color. Lighten and brighten your hairstyle with sun-kissed highlights, or add depth and texture with strategically placed low lights. This proven process places color exactly where you want it. 


The beauty of balayage is exposed in the creative placement of highlights painted on with professional brushstrokes, customized to your face shape and desired look. It creates dynamic complexity; complementing the way your hair moves and the graceful way it continues to grow. Zorganics was one of the first hair salons in the Northwest to introduce this revolutionary technique involving the creative placement of highlights. Balayage complements the movement of your hairstyle, adding more natural depth and making new-growth less obvious.

Men’s Services

Be the most handsome, sharp, confident man you can be. Zorganics focuses on designing the perfect cut to complement a man's strongest, most striking features. 

Designer Haircut

Sit back and relax while we design a look that reflects your personal style and works best for your hair type.

Camouflage Hair Color

This color treatment is perfect for men who may have patches of different hair colors, or who simply want a softer, more put-together appearance. Add texture and dimension to your hair. We offer hair color so complementary to your face your overall look will be noticeably handsome. You’ll feel years younger. The effect lasts for about a month.

Men’s Signature Manicure

Your grip, your swing, your handshake—they’re all signs of your personality. Feel assured that you always put your best hand forward with our professional manicure. Indulge in a warm paraffin dip, a hand and forearm massage, exfoliating scrub, cuticle maintenance, and nail shaping. 

Men’s Signature Pedicure

Your feet never seem to get a break – give them the vacation they deserve. Our expert pedicure includes an exfoliating foot and leg scrub, a warm paraffin treatment, followed by a soothing massage, and complete toenail care.

Men's Cleanse & Restore Facial

Ease irritation from shaving and keep your smooth, healthy, and youthful. This customized facial includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage, and a face and eye moisturizer to hydrate and revitalize your face.

 Braids, and More

 Initial consultation is needed in order to truly customize and perfect your results.

Interlocking Braids

Interlocking is a natural method for adding human or synthetic hair. Extensions are interlocked with cornrows to produce added volume or style. Will last up to 3-6 weeks.

minimizing the amount of special care by the client.


Side by side rows of braids that lay flat on your scalp. Cornrows are worn both by men and women and can be done in unique creative styles. They can also be combined with other styles. They can be created with the client's own natural hair or extensions can be added. May take a ½ hr to 1 ½ hrs to create. They may last from 1 to 6 weeks.


This stylish look is created by coiling and or matting the hair to create a tubular look. May take 1-6 hrs to complete and are permanent after 3 months of wear.

Single Braids

Are free flowing versatile braids that hang from your hair root to the end of your hair. If your hair is too short and or thin, extensions can be added to create length and body. Most average styles take 3-8 hours to create. They last 2-4 months.

Our Estheticians are specially trained in the precise art of waxing. You will love the convenience of our prompt service; simple waxing procedures are done efficiently, yet carefully, so you can get back to your day. We aim for excellent, beautiful results while minimizing, if not totally eliminating, the discomfort some may associate with waxing.  For the best waxing experience, we recommend that the hair being waxed be approximately 1/8 inch (or 3-4 weeks growth) in length. Waxing appointments should ideally be scheduled for 3-5 days before a special occasion or vacation. In addition, we strongly recommend that you wait at least 24 hours after a waxing procedure before sunbathing, tanning or swimming. Please note that our waxing services should not be used by clients being treated with Retin-A or antibiotics (prescription medications which increase skin sensitivity).

 Initial consultation is needed in order to truly customize and perfect your results.

Interlocking Braids

Interlocking is a natural method for adding human or synthetic hair. Extensions are interlocked with cornrows to produce added volume or style. Will last’s up to 3-6 weeks.


Allow artificial or natural hair to be anchored onto, or braided into, the client's natural hair (which acts as an anchor). Using needle and thread to attach the extensions, this is a natural method to add volume or length lasting 4-8 weeks.

High-Tech Bonding

This system is proven, extensively tested and perfected over the last fifteen years and is one of the most reliable hair extension systems available for added hair strength, volume, body or length. This system uses a thermal molding adhesive (TMA) with the most advanced application process. This means you will get a long-lasting, non-damaging, comfortable attachment process. We offer the highest quality, most natural, realistic choice of colors and textures that can be blended to match your hair perfectly. We will recommend the most appropriate products to use on your hair. Will last 3-4 months.

Seamless Hair Extensions

If you want added strength, length, body or volume, the Seamless Extension System uses special adhesive tape to secure the hair to your head using a track of hair. This means you will get a long lasting, non-damaging and comfortable attachment process. Seamless Hair offers a natural, realistic choice of colors and textures that can be blended to perfectly match your own hair. Will last 3-4 weeks.

Hair Replacement

For both men and women- please call for a consultation. With Transdermal Hair Restoration (THR), we can provide an unparalleled cosmetic duplication of actual growing hair. It is a non-surgical treatment known as "virtual skin graft technology," which forms a new, virtual layer of skin. This technique employs the use of a gas permeable layer of polymers, which allows normal functioning of the scalp, while greatly minimizing the amount of special care by the client.

Chemical Treatment



Loosen tight curls and add dimension. Perfect for both men and women who would like a slightly softer texture to their look.


Sodium Relaxer 

Does your hairstyle feel unruly? Our Sodium Relaxer permanently straightens tightly coiled or curly hair, making it dramatically softer and more manageable. We recommend sodium relaxer touch-up treatments every 4 to 6 weeks. A consultation is required prior to your initial service.

men haircut_edited.jpg

and enhance your best features using unparalleled international techniques. 

Couture Cuts

Zora's has been synonymous with outstanding hair design since 1991. Our signature method of haircutting was derived from a French technique and was perfected in our hair salons to give you a beautiful look. Our talented Designers are consistently recognized as international leaders in the beauty salon industry. Whatever your personal style, we guarantee you an exceptional salon experience. We also offer complimentary bang trims between haircut appointments to keep you looking your best.

Perfect Blow-Dry

Indulge in a treatment-based Nature shampoo and expert styling with us. Our Artists skillfully perfect your look with finishing techniques and products you can only experience at Zorganics. Can be added to any appointment.  Refreshing, every time.

"Let's Your Beauty Shine"



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